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Fort Worth Based Plasti-Fab Helps Win The War On Terrorism.

With the tragedy of September 11, 2001, the nation as a whole has become more aware of terrorism in its many forms. Plasti-Fab Inc., a Fort Worth based company, has had first hand experience of that awareness. When the fear of anthrax began to grip our nation, Plasti-Fab was directly involved with the U.S. Postal Inspector to develop and manufacturer a clear acrylic inspection chamber with a hinged, sealed lid and portholes with lab quality gloves so that one can isolate and inspect suspicious mail in a controlled environment.

With the false alarms growing everyday, Plasti-Fab was able to go from a rough design to a completed part in only five business days. These units went to Postal Inspectors in the five state area, as well as major utility companies, the U.S. Embassy in Cypress and several other government facilities.

On another war related project, Plast-Fab is also working with L-3 Communications, a major defense contractor, to speed design and development of a working night vision filter system for the B-1 Bomber. Prototypes have been installed and tested on long range missions to Afghanistan. Plasti-Fab has since received orders for 64 planes. This is a DPAS-1 rated project and therefore has the highest possible priority with the U.S. government. These are complicated parts that required CNC machining of four different types of plastic, vacuum forming night vision filter film, and a series of laminating and bonding processes on each of the eleven assemblies. Some parts also required custom painting on acrylic and hand inking of clear vinyl to help block unwanted light in the B-1 cockpit.

Plasti-Fab can fabricate custom designs in a wide range of plastics such as acrylic, poloycarbonate, UHMW, PETG, SINTRA, PVC, ABS, polypropylene and more.

Plasti-Fab can do one up prototypes to production run quantities. The capabilities include but are not limited to precision CNC machining, thermoforming, bending, drape forming, gluing, and welding plastics of all types. We welcome the opportunity to put together a quote on any project. Since its foundation in 1989, Plasti-Fab has been driven to provide quality work, on time delivery, and competitive pricing. Our Motto "your imagination is our only limitation.

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